How do you apply mascara perfectly?

First off, you need to choose the perfect mascara. Think about the colour- black is the most common choice but brown can be ideal if you have lighter hair or have blue or green eyes. Of course, you may also want to be bold and try out a colour such as navy blue, a scary choice but can look beautiful. Then, think about what you would like the mascara to do, volumise? lengthen? or something different? Lastly, does it need to be waterproof? Waterproof is ideal if you will be around water, you sweat a lot or in the summer when it is particularly hot. Before you apply your chosen mascara, you should think about both curling your lashes and applying primer. Then, ensuring that the wand is coated, coat your lashes, making a zig-zag motion, from root to tip. Do the same with your lower lashes- if it fits in with your look of course. We would recommend applying a maximum of three to five coats of mascara, not allowing the coats to dry between applications. However, do make sure to brush out any clumps between coats using a clean mascara wand. Not quite satisfied? You can always curl again once the mascara has dried.

If you struggle to get your lashes to retain their curl then we would suggest using a waterproof mascara for at least your first coat. But make sure you have a good, gentle eye make up remover to take it off before bed.

If you find that your mascara is drying out quickly, try to avoid pumping the mascara wand- remember, sometimes less is more!

Remember to keep your lashes in good condition! Lash primers and clear conditioning mascaras are ideal. Leaving mascara on overnight can have some pretty unpleasant side effects and can even lead to your lashes falling out.

Finally, it is best not to keep your mascara fro any longer than five months. The nasty possibility of a bacterial infection is not worth it!