Our Top 5 Ariana Grande Perfume Dupes

Ariana Grande has released an insanely popular range of astounding feminine scents. From the Cloud range, to Moonlight and Sweet Like Candy they have become some of the best selling scents available. Even outselling some of the huge design houses such as Yves Saint Laurent or Paco Rabanne.

Here are our 5 favourite dupes of these fragrances, please let us know in the comments which ones you love!

Coming in at Number 1, we have Lovali Soft Cloud, as the name implies this is inspired by Ariana Grande Cloud (The original Cloud fragrance), it even comes in a similar, beautiful cloud shaped bottle.


Next up, we have another Cloud variation, this time similar to Ariana Grande Cloud Pink. This is also comes in a gorgeous bottle and is Fragrance Couture Skye Rose.


Thirdly, another Lovali favourite, we have Lovali Hello! Next. Again, as the name might suggest this is inspired by Ariana Grande ThankU Next (The original version not 2.0).

Next up, we have the perfect perfume for taking on your travels. At just 35ml this is ideal for an upcoming holiday. Inspired by Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy we have Lilyz Sweet Candy.

Last but not least, we have Lovali Sparkling another beautiful fragrance inspired by Ariana Grande Moonlight.


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