W7 Easy Peel Charcoal Face Mask

W7 Easy Peel Charcoal Face Mask

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A cleansing face mask that is ideal for helping you get rid of those blackheads!

A purifying face mask infused with charcoal to give your skin a deep and luxurious clean. To use, simply apply evenly to your face, allow to dry for approximately 10 minutes before peeling off.


But be careful...

Avoid using the mask on blemishes, pimples, irritated or sunburned skin, or skin that is sensitive to bandages, tape or peel-off masks. Discontinue use immediately if skin becomes swollen, red or itchy during or immediately after using the face mask. Keep the mask out of your eyes, if contact occurs then rinse your eyes thoroughly with water. Avoid storing the mask in direct sunlight or in overly hot or cold temperatures and keep it out of reach from children.

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