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Technic Professional Beauty Case

Technic Professional Beauty Case

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This professional, re-usable case comes filled with cosmetics and accessories to make you look and feel beautiful. It all comes together in the professional beauty case which is perfect for storing or transporting all of your items. 

Contents: 1x Re-Usable Case, 18 x Single Eyeshadow Pots, 6 x Eyeshadow Compacts, 1 x Duo Blusher Compact, 1 x Duo Bronzing Powder, 4 x Lipsticks, 4 x Lip Gloss Pots, 4 x Nail Varnishes, 1x Lipliner pencil, 1 x Eyeliner Pencil, 1 x Toe Separator, 1 x Nail File, 1x Pair of Nail Clippers, 1 x Pair of Tweezers, 1 x Pair of Scissors, 1 x Cuticle Pusher, 1 x Cuticle Remover, 1 x Powder Brush, 1x Eyeshadow Brush, 1x Lip Brush, 1 x Eye Lash & Brow Comb.

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