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LYNX Ice Chill Duo Gift Set for Men

LYNX Ice Chill Duo Gift Set for Men

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Lynx Ice Chill Men’s Body wash is the answer. Its epically fresh fragrance of frozen lemon & iced mint refreshes instantly. We can’t promise it will make getting out of bed easier. But it will give you the best shower you’ve ever had. The fresh fragrance of Lynx body wash doesn’t just deep clean your skin. It refreshes your mind, so your start your day right. It puts the care back into men’s skincare. Lather up with frozen lemon and iced mint, and let its menthol magic transform you into your most chill self. Lynx Ice Chill Body Spray 150 ml You’re minding your own business when BAM! Your crush walks in. ‘Stay cool’, you tell yourself but, awwwww, snap! Stress sweat and rising body temperature have arrived, and they’re ready to stomp on your day.


  • Lynx Ice Chill Bodyspray and Bodywash Gift Set include two products and a gift for him: Lynx Ice Chill Bodyspray 150ml, Bodywash 250ml
  • The bodyspray delivers the ideal amount of zing with a cooling mint and zesty lemon scent.
  • The body wash is an ultra-fresh body, hair, and face wash that also leaves you smelling fresh and clean.
  • This gift set for men is ideal for any occasion — think the ultimate stocking filler, secret Santa surprise or all year round gift winner.


  • 1 x LYNX Ice Chill Bodyspray (150ml)
  • 1 x LYNX Ice Chill Bodywash (225ml)
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