The 10 Best Chanel Dupes For Her

Chanel Perfumes are some of the most popular fragrances across the globe, from classics to fresh new scents the Design House of Chanel really does it all. Here are some of the best dupes of popular Chanel fragrances without the Chanel price tag.
Please note that dupes are determined on both consumer opinion and similarities in fragrance notes. These are all competing products on the marketplace from budget to mass market perfumery brands. All prices showing are correct at the time of publication (02/04/2024).


    • Similar To Chanel Coco Madamoiselle (RRP £104 for 50ml) - Milton Lloyd Miss Tutu
    • Similar To Chanel No.5 (RRP £145 for 100ml) - Lovali Classic 5
    • Similar To Coco Chanel (RRP £145 for 100ml) - Linn Young Coeur Pure
    • Similar To Chanel Chance Au Tendre (RRP £75 for 35ml) - Lilyz Flowering Love
    • Similar To Chanel Allure (RRP £145 for 100ml) - Chatler Aurelie
    • Similar To Chanel Chance (RRP £145 for 100ml) - Emper Casual
    • Similar To Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche (RRP £145 for 100ml) - Chatler Chantre Fresh
    • Similar To Chanel Gabrielle (RRP £145 for 100ml) - Lamis Dream Flair
    • Similar To Chanel No 19 (RRP £145 for 100ml) - Fine Perfumery Love Ether
    • Similar To Chanel Coco Madamoiselle Intense (RRP £150 for 100ml) - Emper Lady Presidente Nuit


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