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Review: Fame For Her by Milton Lloyd

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Do you think that designer perfumes are overpriced? That you are paying for a brand name and that is it? A lot of people- including me- do. Hence, the evergrowing popularity of “dupe” fragrances. Perfumes that smell just like the designer fragrance but don’t have the hefty price tag. Fame by Milton Lloyd is one of these. It is a copy of Paco Rabanne’s Olympea and is one of my best selling products and unlike some of the other bestsellers, this is a product that is bought by people of all ages rather than just older women or young teenagers. A popular product with my customers and a perfume I wear myself I have a lot of trust in the product so decided it would be ideal to feature in the site’s first review post. Also, based on a price for a 50ml bottle of Olympea from a major retailer, you could be saving a huge £53.01 by buying a dupe rather than the original.

Upon first spray the perfume does admittedly have a slight chemical smell, however, this wears of within a few seconds leaving behind a wonderful scent that lasts almost all day. When spraying it on in the morning (around 7:30 AM) I can often still smell it at 5 PM when I finish work and about an hour later when my partner arrives to see me he can often smell it too. However, if we are going out for the evening then I do tend to re-apply as the scent does start to fade at this point. 

This perfume I find is ideal to wear all the time, day or night and all through the year. It isn’t too summery and at the same time isn’t too wintery either. However, despite the perfume being one of my best sellers, I do find that when people don’t like it (not everyone likes everything), they really don’t like it. On the bright side, there are very very few people who I can think of who have disliked it and many customers do come back telling me of the compliments they have received whilst wearing it. The perfume, I would say averages out at about 3.5 out of 5, is considered long-lasting by the majority of people and is very moderate when applied (not too light, not too heavy). 

Fame is an oriental- woody fragrance. It has top notes of citrus and ginger, middle notes of jasmine and salted vanilla and a base of sandalwood, amber and musk. My sense of smell is not the best by any means and I do struggle to pick up on individual tones but to me, the vanilla and musk is what comes through. But, everyone is different, so what I pick up may not be what you or anyone else picks up. 

Based on Fame being a “dupe” of Olympea I looked at what other fragrances people like/ buy alongside this perfume. So, if you are looking for something different but would still prefer to buy an imitation (I wouldn’t blame you, you can make a huge saving!) then I would suggest giving Spirit of Heaven, Poker or Summertime a try.

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