Perfumes That Smell Like Angel by Thierry Mugler

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With its beautiful star-shaped bottle, Angel is one of the most popular perfumes for her. Angel is a mouth-watering delicious and sensual fragrance, a delicate blend of sweet Red Fruits, Soft Caramel, Honey and Praline combined with the captivating power of Patchouli and Vanilla. Angel is a luxurious, chic and timeless fragrance with a seductive edge. But, despite its popularity, it comes with a price tag that for some is just too high. With a recommended retail price of £28.00 for a bottle containing only 15ml it costs a little over a whopping £1.86 per ml!

*Please note that this is based on customer opinion only*.

Due to its high popularity, there are several fragrances that smell just like it. The first is Spirit of Heaven by Milton Lloyd. This is available as an Eau De Parfum for just £3.49 for 55ml and also as a 150ml body spray which costs £2.50. The perfume works out to be just over 6p per ml which creates a saving of just under 97%!

Blue Sky by New Brand is £5.95 for a bottle of 100ml, costing just 5.95p per ml. Saving just under 97%!

Diable Bleu by Lamis is even cheaper at just £5.00 for 100ml- 5p per ml! Making a saving of just over 97%!

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