Fragrances That Smell Like Armani Code

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Armani Code is a popular fragrance from Armani and has both a male and female variation. 

Armani Code for Him features citrusy top notes of Bergamot and Lemon, a spicy heart of Star Anise, Olive Blossom and Guaiac Wood with base notes of Leather, Tobacco and Tonka Bean. For a 50ml bottle, the recommended retail price is £57.00, £1.14 per ml!

*Please note that this article is based on customer opinion only*

A fragrance said to smell like Armani Code for him is Bondage Temptation by Milton Lloyd. This fragrance costs £3.49 for a 50ml bottle which is a much smaller 6.98p per ml. This means that by purchasing this smell-a-like over the designer label you can save just under 94%!

Armani Code for Her is a much sweeter fragrance with floral, fruity top notes of Jasmine and Orange, a heart of Orange Blossom and a base of Honey and Vanilla. However, it does cost more than the male counterpart with a recommended retail price of £54.00 for just 30ml! This works out to £1.80 per ml!

However, both DNA by Milton Lloyd and Seduction by New Brand are said to smell just like this fragrance. DNA comes in at £3.49 for a 55ml bottle, costing just over 6p per ml. Seduction costs £5.95 for a 100ml bottle which is just under 6p per ml. This means that you could save up to a huge 96%!

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