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Diesel Fuel For Life is a fragrance available in both a male and female version. 

Fuel For Life For Her is is a chypre-floral scent, opening with top notes of mandarin and pink pepper, blending with a heart of blackcurrant and jasmine, atop a smooth base of patchouli and musk.

It's recommended retail price is £46.00 for a bottle of just 30ml, this means it costs just over £1.53 per ml!

*Please note this article is based on customer opinion only*.

However, we offer two fragrances that smell just like this chypre fragrance. Firstly, we have Ablaze by Lamis, this fragrance costs just £5.00 for a 100ml bottle. Just 5p per ml, saving just under 97%!

Secondly, we have Sweet by New Brand, this fragrance costs £5.95 for 100ml, just under 6p per ml. Meaning this fragrance saves just over 96%!

Diesel Fuel For Life for Him opens with top notes of anise and grapefruit that give the fragrance a refreshing start. Diesel Fuel for Life for Him then blends into a heart of raspberry and lavender. Finally, the fragrance is rounded off with a smooth base of heliotrope and dry woods. The male version retails at £49.00 for 50ml making it cheaper than the female counterpart but still works out at 98p per ml.

Milton Lloyd Bondage Out smells just like this popular gent's fragrance and costs £3.49 for a 50ml bottle. Just 6.98p per ml! This saves a huge amount of just under 93%!

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